The Białowieża Forest is the most precious area in Europe in terms of natural value. There are almost three thousand huge trees reaching the size of natural monuments. You can find enormous, over 50 meters high spruces, over 40 meters high oaks, ashes and lindens. The oldest ones sprouted in the times of Władysław Jagiełło – the king of Poland from the Middle Ages. There are about 12000 different animal species (deers, roes, boars, wolves, Eurasian lynxes) and about 1100 plant species. The Białowieża Forest is a major bison habitat, the biggest animal in Europe, which would have not survived if it wasn’t for this region. The lands of this primeval forest were added to World Heritage List of UNESCO in 1979.

The house is located near the Teremiski village. For the sake of our guests’ privacy we do not give away the exact location of The Forest Hut. After contacting us, you will be sent a private message with specific information regarding the location and GPS coordinates.

Nearest Attractions


The Teremiski village has its own theatre. In a wooden barn which belongs to Kasia and Paweł Winiarscy, where the grain was still threshed not so long ago, today you can see theatrical performances, listen to musical concerts, watch movies and meet people from the world of culture.
The route is designed to show numerous oaks aged between 150 and 500 years in the place called The Old Białowieża. The trees are named after the kings of Poland and Lithuania. Thanks to the information boards placed by every oak this trip is a splendid opportunity to explore the history of the Białowieża Forest as well as Lithuania and Poland from the 12th through to 18th century.
'Capital' of the primeval forest filled with touristic attractions. Apart from those mentioned in every guide, we recommend drinking coffee in a charming Walizka Café and visiting of the old train station Białowieża Towarowa.


Is located in one of the environmentally cleanest places in Poland, near the Białowieża Forest. One of the top locations for bird watching, where you get the opportunity to observe 50 species of birds classified as endangered on the global and European scale. The Tourist Center, located close by, consists of an amphitheater, a beach with three bridges, barbecue spots and fireplaces, climbing wall, two tennis courts, a badminton court, a volleyball court, a basketball court and a playground for kids.

Map of Polish Part
of the Białowieża Forest

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The forest hut